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As part of our commitment to inspiring and driving real innovation in Australia, we produce Tomorrow’s Tech. Meet Australian entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders among us who are developing creative and sophisticated solutions for global issues, using tomorrow’s technology.

Find the answers to the questions you have been asking yourself about idea validation, technology development through to commercialisation.

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Majella Edwards | On building a start-up with real market validation | Tomorrow’s Tech

Sortal enables users to intuitively search for their digital content, through Artificial Intelligence technology. Majella Edwards speaks on how her career as an Olympian athlete, and later in design, shaped her understanding of technology and how to successfully bring to market an innovative tech product.

This conversation spans across many aspects of the Australian innovation and start-up ecosystem, including the right time to seek investment, to how to ascertain that the technology being developed will actually solve business problems.

Ron Hill | Building Australia's Innovation and Startup Capital on the Sunshine Coast| Tomorrow's Tech

Ron Hill is a successful Australian entrepreneur, with a history of commercialising IP-driven projects in the international market. After being instrumental in developing the Boulder, Colorado (USA) innovation and entrepreneurship hub, Ron has returned to Australia to accomplish the same for the Sunshine Coast, on the back to the Undersea Fiber Optic Cable landing in mid-2020.

Whatch this episode for insight into the crucial pieces to build a well-oiled start-up and innovation ecosystem, focused on providing the entrepreneurs with the resources to succeed, including a channel into “deals over demo days”, and larger markets overseas, at a purposeful time.

Juliette Murphy | Creating billions in savings through Real-Time Flood Mapping | Tomorrow’s Tech

Juliette Murphy is the founder and CEO of FloodMapp, a real-time predictive flood mapping software company. On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, Sam and Juliette discuss how a passion project, coupled with subject matter expertise can be made into a powerful solution for such a significant problem.

All over the world, individuals and companies suffer serious damages from being unable to predict the magnitude of floods until it’s too late. You will get some insight into the technology, which provides real-time flood inundation maps, AND into FloodMapp’s business strategy and roadmap! Stay tuned for a breakdown into how Juliette looks to action the recent capital raise of $1.3 million.

Sean Melis | Failing Often and Taking on Feedback - Humility & Entrepreneurship | Tomorow's Tech

We hope this video gives you insight into how seeking and accepting feedback can help you grow your business. As a co-founder and young entrepreneur, Sean Melis has found that taking risks, and failing often have been integral to the success of his chatbot conversational agency — bot.hello.

bot.hello prioritises the human experience, and uses the technical capabilities of their technology as the enabler for personalised conversations in the B2C sector. This is just as much about growing the company as it is about the growth required to bring an idea into reality.

Scott Millar | Innovation & Technology Education | Tomorrow's Tech

At 14 years old, Scott Millar started a business for a school group project. Soon after the semester ended, he reflected on how that classroom experience jumpstarted his career in business and wanted to do the same for other students!

Now as the founder and CEO of BOP Industries, Scott drives technology and entrepreneurship education workshops, with students from primary to high school. Listen as he discusses the imperative of reaching out to kids and empowering them with the tools they need, to bring ideas into the market.

Carl Buckeridge | Water Pipeline Condition Monitoring Hardware & Software Solution | Tomorrow's Tech

Current water pipeline monitoring technology does not have the capabilities to deal with the complex water infrastructure in cities in Australia and across the world. Through a combination of a strong and diverse team, validation through data and several lessons learnt along the way, Carl Buckeridge, William Smith and Sara Richardson have developed a solution for this problem.

Watch as Carl Buckeridge shares how Leakster’s groundbreaking solution combines innovation in hardware and software to pinpoint leaks in the pipeline, making asset management more a lot more seamless.

Linda Ginger | How to Validate Your Business Innovation Idea Quickly and Accurately | Tomorrow's Tech

Have you validated the most valued product features before entering the market? Are you confident that your idea will serve the market better than incumbents in it? Do you know how to minimise risk without compromising your innovation?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or managing a large corporation, the research Linda Ginger will give you access to, decreases market research time of 6 months into days and gives you an accurate picture of how your business idea would perform in that market!

Ashley Baxter | Composting for Climate Change | Tomorrow's Tech

Ashley Baxter is the founder of EarthOffset, a sustainable tech startup providing technology solutions that enable people to be environmentally, economically and socially sustainable! On this episode of Tomorrow’s Tech, we talk about Ashley’s entrepreneurial journey and how she was able to see an opportunity in an area that is often overlooked.