AI-based Patient Activity Monitoring System for Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Patient Activity Monitoring System

At Digination, we have leveraged our technical expertise to develop a Patient Activity Monitoring System (PAMS). The system continuously monitors patient’s physical motions for situations that constitute a risk to the patient and alerts nursing stations and healthcare staff appropriately. PAMS is aimed at relieving staffing pressure in hospitals, aged care homes and other healthcare facilities.

How it works?

The Digination PAMS system uses a camera to monitor the state of the patient alongside medical instruments being used to monitor patient’s physical parameters. All identifiers are redacted to ensure privacy, an utmost concern. The information gathered is used solely to provide input to the Digination PAMS’ Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine.

The highly advanced AI programs using Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms developed by Digination test the patient’s video feed from the camera against known and learned parameters.  The system determines if a patient’s actions constitute a health risk and triggers an alert if required. Long-term tracking of patient’s actions is stored in a local database server.

The centralised functions for hospitals and nursing homes include individual patient activity monitoring, situation awareness display and report generation.

What it tracks?

Digination PAMS tracks the following: 

Individual Activities

    • Sleeping
    • Eating
    • Drinking (medicines)
    • Getting out of bed
    • Standing

    Individual Physical State

    • Pulse
    • Blood pressure

    Abnormal activities

    • Gasping
    • Falling, loss of physical balance
    • Emotion recognition – Fear, sadness, pain, etc.