AI-based Driver Activity Monitoring System for Individual Vehicle & Fleet Owners

Driver Activity Monitoring System

The direct correlation between road accidents and a driver’s lack of attention or declining physical and mental state is well documented. To address this problem, Digination have developed DAMS (Driver Activity Monitoring System). The system continuously monitors driver actions and facial expressions. Should specific actions or situations constitute a risk to the driver or others on the road, the driver is alerted alongside fleet central monitoring system.

How it works?

Digination has designed DAMS to watch over the driver without any requirement for continuous on-line video monitoring system.

It applies two cameras – one for facial monitoring and another for monitoring driver actions. The feed from the cameras is sent in real-time to artificial intelligence (AI) programs in an onboard computer. These highly advanced software programs then process the video feed to identify if the driver’s facial expressions signal an emotional state beyond the parameters defined by the Deep Learning algorithms or if driver’s actions constitute a danger.

In both cases, DAMS triggers an alert. When connected to GPS, DAMS also tracks the geo-location of the vehicle which can be transmitted to the central monitoring station. It is the best combination of fleet tracking and driver activity monitoring.

What it tracks?

DAMS tracks the following facial expressions:

    • Tiredness
    • Drowsiness
    • Anger
    • Gasping
    • Twitching
    • Rapid eye movement
    • Lack of concentration on the road

DAMS tracks the following physical motions and actions:

    • Mobile phone usage
    • Drinking
    • Inattention
    • Not putting on the seat belt
    • Driving with one hand
    • Changing radio stations frequently
    • Looking behind and sideways
    • Other dangerous actions defined in the Deep Learning algorithms


Product Variants

DAMS is available in two variants – Individual and Institutional.

DAMS – Individual: This product variant is primarily meant for use by individual vehicle owners. It tracks all of the aforementioned facial expressions and physical motions but does not track the geo-location of the vehicle. If DAMS finds the driver actions inappropriate, it alerts the driver audibly through a high-volume sound. These incidents are stored in the onboard computer. In case the owner is not the driver, the data can be accessed and downloaded from the onboard computer for assessment.

DAMS – Institutional:  This product variant has significant enhancements over the standard individual version and is primarily meant for use by large fleet owners. It includes modules for maintaining communication with the central monitoring station wherein the driver activity monitoring data is transmitted in real-time. The vehicle is also geo-tagged to Google Maps to display its current physical location.